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What we do

At the center of critical operations of a business is the sets of recorded data that can determine important business decisions, and these are details produced by successful and accurate data entry activities. The diligence necessary to maintain and to update the information for business essentials like invoices or databases are quite consuming, and because of this CCK City Network, Inc. offers six data entry services that can help.

What we offer

Founded on the Japanese standards of accuracy, consistency, quality, and security, the data entry services we offer have guaranteed satisfaction and have built long-term business trust with our clients. Our impressive bands of highly skilled data entry professionals exhibit the expertise needed for these services:

Data Entry/Encoding

We provide data encoding of scanned images and convert them into any format desired by the client.

Image Scanning with Tagging

We perform labeling or keyword tagging to images based on the figures within the images, allowing searchability and quick access.

File Indexing

We design file categorizations according to name, subject, or caption, also allowing searchability and quick access .

Image Comparison

We render image comparisons to examine and mark observed and unobserved changes in an image based on an old image.

Floor Plan Creation

We purvey floor plans containing the necessary information of a property listing that include, but not limited to, the shape and the dimension of the area, the forms and the types of fixtures and joineries, and the relationships of levels or spaces.

AI Annotation

We offer tagging all forms of data that can be texts, audios, videos, and/or images using advanced AI annotation tools.


What we do

CCK City Network, Inc. seeks to promote second language proficiency and academic excellence to culturally and linguistically diverse English language learners. Language acquisition theories translated into practice, the company develops various programs and services that amplify the use of the English language for casual conversations, school qualifications, and business requirements.

What we offer

Housing experienced teams of English language professionals, both teachers and researchers, to serve to the public’s growing demand to learn the English language and all its practical applications in school and in the business. The services offered are developed from extensive research and experience record:


Text reformulation and reconstruction to attain the precise communication objective of any written material.

Online English Language Teaching

Guided English language courses via video and/or phone classes for all ages, designed for business, casual, or academic type of communicative situation.

Translation Services

Non-machine translations of technical documents by certified translators, covering the fields of law, marketing, and finance.

Test Rating and Evaluation

Extensive and regulated content analysis of different types of language test responses to determine language proficiency level.


What we do

One effective way to boost a business is customer engagement and support. Customers will always have the need to know the status of their service or product providers; they will have questions and concerns that can demand time, attention, and resources; and if they are satisfied, they will ask for more. CCK City Network, Inc. handles these features of the business.

What we offer

Various ways of customer engagement and support can be made available for any type of business. Consultants, project managers, and subject matter experts are ready to help manage your customer support expectations that can accelerate your business growth. The present services include:

Non-voice Customer Support

A direct and indirect customer support through fielding of inquiries, concerns, and complaints, appeasing of irate customers, and management of varying degrees of client escalation.

Social Media Marketing

Products and services promotion via a systematic and purposive manipulation of various social media platforms.

Lead Generation

Acquisition of prospective clients by gathering and compiling leads for actual sales and marketing targets.

Inbound/Outbound Sales

Methodical direct marketing of products and services to potential customers, clarification of advertising inquiries, and closing of sales.


What we do

Choosing the best application software for a business can become a stressful activity, especially when what is available in the market does not match with what is needed and envisioned for the business. Compromises about the features will inevitably be made that can later on affect progress and productivity. This must not be the case! CCK City Network, Inc. has a wide range of innovative and substantial software solutions that can be customized according to your conditions, requirements, and needs.

What we offer

Composed of enthusiastic, goal-oriented, brilliant minds, our groups of software developers and engineers deliver precision and excellence in their work output. Particularly, these are the services of their expertise:


Smartphone Development

The development of any application software for any type of mobile device, both on iOS and Android platforms.


Windows Desktop Application Development

Our engineers are capable of developing desktop applications. Installing applications on desktop computers remains relevant because it can prevent acquisition of malware from the internet.


Web System

The designing and construction of attractive, recognizable, and user-friendly websites for businesses.


Embedded System

The programmed regulation of hardware-software combination to perform specific functions for large systems.


Backend Development

The system formulation of efficient management of the server for a set of application software.


Excel Macro Development

The automation of tasks and expectations that can determine optimal productivity using Visual Basic for Applications.

Artificial Intelligence

RPA Scenario Production

The appropriation of basic business process tasks using Robotic Process Automation that can be employed across arrays of applications.


Multimedia Production

Creation of graphics design integrated in images, videos, or 3D animation for appealing visual representation.

High Quality, High Security

● Certified by international standards:ISO9001 (Quality) & ISO27001 (Security).
● Presence of resident Japanese management.
● Various skill upgrade programs available including Japanese language.

High Reliability

● Full back-up by in-the-building electric generator.
● All the terminals are UPS integrated.
● Multiple transmission lines (instant switch during system failure.
● Integration of security cameras and room entry and exit management system.
● Private information protection management system.
● Internal rules conforming to JISQ15001:2006.

High Peformance

● Data processing 24hrs/365 days/480 people.
● Data processing US/Europe and Asia regions.
● Processing of ledgers (fixed form) with Chinese characters.
● Verifying or comparing system available.

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