Fire Drill - 2019

In everday life, sometimes we can't help the accidents that we might encounter. There could be earthquake, fire, or any other accidents. Last January 29, 2019, CCK City Network Inc, participated in the annual fire drill held by the management of the building One San Miguel Building where the said company currently resided.

The program is about teaching people on what to do and prepare people in case the building is on fire. There was demo on how to extinguish the fire using the fire extinguisher and also there was demo on what to do in case there were people injured. Firetrucks, and medical vans were gathered also outside so they can show people on what exactly will happen in case there's an actual fire. It may appear as display only for other people but no, they want to show people and prepare people on what it will gonna be during the event. The program is to teach people the basic knowledge on how to prepare and be prepared during the fire accident and it was much appreciated. There were representatives for each company that is located in the building to be more aware. The demo lasted for atleast one and a half hour.