Duterte's Kitchen with CCK in Tondo. Manila (Part Two)

December 15, 2019 marks the third time of CCK City Network Inc, on doing charity works for Duterte's Kitchen. Aside from that, it also marks the second time they did the feeding program in Tondo, Manila. Alongside with the other groups, CCK went in Tondo Manila to conduct the feeding program for less fortunate people.

Early that Sunday morning, the representatives of CCK gathered together to fulfill their mission. They prepared everything they needed to go to Tondo Manila and when they finally reached the place, the sun was already shining brightly above. But the heat didn't hinder them to do what they wanted to do for the people of Tondo.

One by one, the kids of Tondo lined up to get the served food for them. They didn't mind the wait as well as the heat by the sun. They silently fell in line as each one of them were given the rice porridge, apple, and candies provided by representatives of the companies tha joined the event.

It was maybe a tiring work for everyone. Serving food for people you don't even know but still, their desire to help them won in their hearts. So no matter how hot the weather was, no matter how tiring the job was, they still did their part to help. The people of Tondo was what matters most to them.