Duterte's Kitchen with CCK in San Jose, Bulacan

DUTERTE's KITCHEN was first launched in Cubao, Quezon City near MRT Cubao and Farmers Plaza which main goal is to help support the feeding program of President Rodrigo Duterte for the underprivileged people. Before, they only served free "lugaw" or rice porridge to the street children daily during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And now, they also started attending to adults.

Normally, they serve rice porridge, chocolate rice for breakfast, rice meal with vegetables, fish, adobong manok (chicken) and baboy (pork) for lunch and dinner. If they receive donated vegetables, fish, chicken, and pork meat, they will serve it to children as well as to the elders.

Recently, Duterte's Kitchen went to San Jose Heights Muzon & Pabahay Muzon Phase II, Bulacan to extend their advocacy to feed underprivileged people. A lot of people were in attendance the said program and the staff were overwhelmed by the number of people who attended. It was a lot of work for the staff, yes, but seeing the grateful faces of the people around them eased their tiredness. The people of Bulacan were happy and glad that they were chosen for the program.

CCK City Network Inc, a company based in Manila joined the program as one of their plan to help others. They donated such an amount to Duterte's Kitchen and the organization bought things to serve to people. Together, they served what they could for the people in Bulacan and they had so much fun doing it. Even if they have to go to Bulacan before the sun rises, and have to do their job in heated weather, they still went so they can fulfill their promise and advocacy of helping others. Smiles. Thanks. Joy. Gratefulness. Those were the things they received in return. And they couldn't be any happier than that. Surely, they made the right decision of doing the program and they're sure they will do it again.